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This page is a testing ground for the Category:Commands page to try to make it look awesome. As such, you might see wiki content that was copy-pasted from other wikis.

Basic IRC

Mibbit Specific

Odd Ones Out

Interface Commands

Input Options Based

Character sets

Must be OP or above

Basic IRC Mibbit Commands Operator Commands
// /query <nick>[ <msg>] /autoconnect on|off
/away /server /channeltags <tag list>
/back /debug /publiclogs on|off (NOT ACTIVE)
/ban /ignore <nick> /recentchat on|off
/ctcp <nick> /unignore <nick> /removechat <nick>
/cycle #Chan /hints Shows the words used for Google ads; Character Sets
/invite nick /umode [+/-]<letters> Same as /mode <yourNick> [+/-]<letters> /charset <charset>
/list [<keywords>] *Main only, N/A in Widget. Interface Commands /rcharset <charset>