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Information that needs to be given to the Mibbit.com staff:

Network name The network name will be shown in the server tab, so keep it short but meaningful. For irc.example.net, this could be "ExampleNet"
A list of all DNS entries that point to your network Example: irc.example.net, irc.blah.net, blah.com, oldname.com, etc. In the case that not all servers in your network are set up with WebIRC, a list of the servers with WebIRC enabled
Preferred connect server or round robin and the port number (if not 6667) Example: irc.example.net:1234 (will be used by the main client and by search.mibbit.com)
Server admin's Email address Include one or more valid email addresses. We will use your email address(es) to send important notices such as IP address changes, security concerns or Mibbit client abuse complaints relating to your network. We do not sell or otherwise use your email address for any other purposes
Server admin's nickname on server Include all server admins that will have authority to request WebIRC entry changes
WebIRC password REMEMBER THIS PASSWORD! You will need it if you wish to make changes to your WebIRC entry later
Public Server Listing (yes/no) Your server will be listed in the main client's Home > IRC: dropdown list located at http://chat.mibbit.com/. Requires a minimum of 100 active users on the average (checked by our Mibbot crawler). Services, bots and administrators do not count as active users. If there are reports that the Mibbit client cannot connect after the entry is set up, the "public" entry may be removed
Public Search Index (yes/no) Your current server activity (users and channels) will be included in the Mibbit Search Index at http://search.mibbit.com/networks if you have more than fifty real users. The information will be updated hourly.
IRCd version Provide your IRCd version name/number
General description of the network Examples: "Gaming", "Support", "Politics", etc. You may also include a more verbose description and a link to a related website, if desired.