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The IRC Specification specifically allows clients to mention whether they are here or away. As such, almost all clients have the two commands /away and /back. Mibbit is no exception.

Furthermore, Mibbit has auto-away and auto-back features.

When you are away, the Mibbit client changes the color of your nick to gray, and moves your nick to the bottom of the userlist. These functions may be changed in preferences.


{{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}}{{#set:Type=IRC}}/away [reason]

Sets your status as 'away', possibly showing a message to users why.
Output: --- yourNick is away (reason)

{{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}}{{#set:Type=IRC}}/back

Tells the IRCd that you are back.
Output: --- yourNick is back


{{#set:Name=Auto back}}Auto back
Summary::Automatically sets the client back when you type something.

Tab: Tab::General{{#set:Tab=General}}
Section: Other
Type: Checkbox
Default: Default::checked

Which action specifically sets the user auto-back? Typing in the input bar? Sending any command? Sending text to a channel? Joining/parting a channel?{{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}}

{{#set:Name=Auto away time (s)}}Auto away time (s)
Summary::Time before going auto-away.

Tab: Tab::General{{#set:Tab=General}}
Section: Other
Type: Number
Default: Default::7200

This preference allows you to set how long it takes for the client to consider you auto-away. It is measured in seconds with the default being two hours. Setting this value to 0 or an extremely high number (86400 is a complete day) will disable the feature.{{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}}

{{#set:Name=Sort order}}Sort order
Summary::Order to show chatters under each group.

Tab: Tab::User list{{#set:Tab=User list}}
Section: User list
Type: Inputbox
Default: Default::chatting,owner,admin,op,halfop,voice,active

'Active' is one option, and places those that are not idle.{{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}}

{{#set:Name=Away and backs}}Away and backs
Summary::Display away and back messages in chat.

Tab: Tab::Chat data{{#set:Tab=Chat data}}
Section: What to show
Type: Checkbox
Default: Default::checked

Display away and back messages in chat.{{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}}