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FYI: Many links/features are currently broken due to database issues.

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About Mibbit

Mibbit is an online chat client that supports a variety of Platforms including all popular web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It does this without any special browser plugins; a Javascript-enabled browser/device is all that is required. The Mibbit Widget Manager is used by many webmasters to provide a real time chat window embedded onto their websites.

Why use Mibbit?

  • Security - Unlike Java chat applets which require not only a download of a file to your machine, but also requires 'trusted' access to your machine, Mibbit provides enhanced security and utilises the web browser's built-in security features over which you have full control.
  • Ease - Now you can access chat rooms without the need to install a desktop client on every machine you use.
  • Portability - You can use Mibbit from your laptop, desktop or phone.
  • Extra features - Some features of Mibbit are now easily implemented in desktop clients, such as image thumb nails, typing notification, recent chat history and much more.

Using Mibbit

Using the Mibbit (main) client

Make your own place to chat

If you'd like your own chatroom, the easiest thing is to create a channel on . Simply connect to the server, and then follow the guides Create Your Own Nickname or Create Your Own Channel.

Set it up just how you like it

  • Preferences
  • Alias - You can setup aliases for your frequently used commands.
  • Filters - You can use filters to replace text you send and/or receive.
  • Autoconnect - Get Mibbit to automatically connect to your favorite servers and channels.
  • Index

Using the Mibbit IRC Widget on your website

If you have/create your own irc channel you can also use a Widget to embed a chatroom on your own website, allowing your visitors to easily interact, and stay on your site longer. It adds a lot to any community to be able to chat with each other. People get to know each other, and come back to your site more often. To learn more about the Mibbit widget, click here.

You can also link to Mibbit, and have some information pre-filled into the connect form. You may pass server,channel, nick over in the URL. These must be URL encoded.

Mibbit Modules for existing software

There are also several Modules for existing software. So if you're already using a wiki/forum for your website, there may be a handy Mibbit plugin for it already.


If you don't like the default settings, there are some ready made Skins you can use. Alternatively you can create your own.

IRC Servers

All of the connections to IRC servers come from the same IP address. However, Mibbit is not, and will never be an anonymizer. Mibbit has a couple of methods it uses to notify the IRC servers of the visitors real IP address, so that the user can still be identified, and banned if needed. Most IRC servers have a 'session limit' which may mean that you cannot connect from mibbit. If you are unable to connect somewhere, please email us, and we will request a limit increase from them. All of the IRC servers listed in the drop down are servers we have agreements with already. If you manage an IRC network, or your own server, please check out how to enable your own IRC server.


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