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click "Channels" (you need to create an account first)

  • Click [Add new entry], fill in:
    • "Server" (exactly the same as in "Account"!)
    • "Channels", e.g., #myCh1,#myCh2[ optional_chKey]
    • leave "Auto-Connect" checked (for your favorite rooms)
  • Optionally (for rooms visited only on demand) click [Add new entry]:
    • "Server" (same as in "Account")
    • "Channels", e.g., #myCh3,#myCh4[ optional_chKey]
    • uncheck "Auto-Connect"

Repeat those steps for other servers/networks (there must be only one checked autoconnect line per server/network).

Finally click [Save changes]. and reload.

For allowing widgets to auto-connect, please see the corresponding page in the widget namespace.