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On, this is the channel for Mibbit related help. We accept questions pertaining to IRC Commands, the server, and anything related to the Mibbit IRC Client project. Often times, we will redirect you here, to this wiki. You can get there with this link: #help

Questions We Will Not Answer

Not all questions about IRC are in the proper scope for #help.

Location of specific channels or servers. 
We run a specific server and manage an IRC client. We do not, nor can we, manage all of IRC. We probably know more about what channels are out there, but that comes from experience. Feel free to use Google.
Registration on other sites 
We are not the support channel for <insert site here other than>, nor are we the place to get you registered for various torrents. Please do the proper search for these.
Services support for other servers 
We are not the support channel for servers other than Asking us how to register a channel or server on another server may cause issues. If anything, it will make us feel used, so please do not do that. Most servers have a main support channel for issues like that. This is especially true if that server is not running something similar to Unreal with Anope services.
Bots other than Bot 
Bot is built in Anope services. We cannot help you get any other bots into your channel. mIRC allows you to script bots in it, and other bots have websites where you can specifically download them. ChatZilla has support for scripting too, using javascript. Some programming languages have modules for IRC support, but remember to not bring your bot into #help.
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