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This was made specifically for Although it is possible that it works with other servers, we can not guarantee.

Registering your Channel

  1. First of all, register your nickname (or identify: /ns id yourPW ).
  2. Join the channel. If you haven't already, join your channel, by typing /join #chan, changing "chan" to your channel's name. If it's not already taken yet, you should get a star (this means you're an op). Otherwise choose a different channel name or ask everybody to leave.
  3. Register with ChanServ. The first user who joins an empty, unregistered channel gets op status and can register the channel with ChanServ. ChanServ is a service that helps with these sorts of things. Just type:
/msg chanserv register #chan [description]

the description is optional and could explain the purpose or usage of the room.


/msg chanserv register #fun_for_all Please enjoy your stay

Make sure that you visit your channel (using the identified nick you used when registering the channel) every 30 days or so , otherwise it might expire (see /cs help). The description is shown in /cs info #chan (it is different from "/topic"). You won't see "ChanServ" in you user list (it works in the background on

  • Get help. If you get stuck you can also type /cs help register . For extensive help you could type /join #help and people will try and help you as well as they can.
  • /cs is an alias for /msg ChanServ on the Mibbit network and in many IRC clients

Important: keep in mind that you must identify to nickserv each time you connect to the IRC server:

/ns identify yourpassword