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Hi there. I'm Microchip08, and I'm a regular(ish) contributor to this wiki. I'm active on Simple English Wikipedia, as well as other Wikimedia projects. I'm also a staff member at YourWiki, so I am used to MediaWiki installations. I'm mainly active on Freenode, although I am now starting to use Mibbit, although I don't normally use the client. Talk to me by clicking the + tab at the top of this page.


Request for addition

Mc08/z, you are good with wiki markup. Can you perchance, add a 16x16 pixel image to the left side of the notice template?

The Reason People Think You're a Bot

The first reason, is that you don't talk to much, and if I were you the name Microchip sounds very automatic, also in "For some reason, every other person thinks that I am an IRC bot. If you have any ideas why, please tell me." the link doesn't work. So uhhh yeah, User:Natman97