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Who are you?

I am NatMan97, aka Mandarin, DrKabob, TheWalrus, Nat, (or any person who talks excessively about nukes)

What do you do?

On IRC I hang around on the mibbit server (and other servers I won't mention here) on the channels --> #chat, #mibbit, #wafans, #bots, #freethought, etc etc I own ## (A channel about channels (that no one comes to)) and #0wn3d (i made for the sake of making it) as well as #fishbowl (created for testing and requesting JeffTheFish) I enjoy listening to music and may accidentally start spamming channels with lyrics, sorry.

Why do I ask so many questions?

You don't I force you to..... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Other (Because I can't think of any more sections labeled by questions)

I create IRC bots because I'm bored, originally I owned HelloBot, but it sucked so I created JeffTheFish. I am the creator of the word weeglee. Also don't try to edit this page or I'll have to get Kitsune to destroy you, and you don't want that, you'll be scarred for life.

What Others Think of Me

~Somebody "I hate that annoying kid"
~Someone "Why is he still on IRC? I thought he was Z:Lined? Oh wait that was a mib."
~Somebody else "The freeloader is such an **********....... [the rest is cussing]"
(Disclaimer: none of these quotes are true, I made them up, I'm actually pretty liked on IRC, please drink responsibly, side effects make contain, but are not limited to, "death, naussia, high blood pressure, depression, severe brain damage, upset stomach, stupidity, offer only applicable with purchase of product 99 dollars or more)

If you want to say something about me do it in the Talk Page, but so far all there is in my talk page are complaints, so uh yeah, I guess I should I add that I anger people easily.