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The Mibbit Wiki Manager allows users to create settings for widgets without having to rely on an account that is for users of the main Mibbit Client. This allows for less storage space, as information such as "Profile", "Channels", and "Logs"

How To Use (Brief)

  1. Create a new widget account or log in if you already had a widget account setup. If you used an account on the main client, the IDs were copied, and are usable. Once logged in, the home page will still be there, but in the header, links to account, prefs, preview, and logout appear on the gray bar in the header.
  2. Set your preferences. From the things in the account
  3. Use the url provided in the [Preview] tab, and update your html code.



Account has three settings. The two visible ones are Email Address and Website. These will be used in case of abuse. The third is through a blue link above the "Save and Close" button for changing the password. Clicking it opens an inline box for changing password. Remember, the password must be between 4 and 16 characters, and is for logging into the Manager.


These are currently very similar to the preferences of the main client.


The Preview tab lets users get a URL for linking to on web pages. Pick the server, pick the channel, and choose which options that are enabled or disabled. It does not actually show the widget for previewing, but it gives a link (in blue) below the white box for the code on web pages.

Say one wanted to link to, (note that these are defaulted, and putting them into the manager takes the values out of the link if you put them in) in the server textbox, that person would place "" and in the channel textbox, that person would put "#mibbit".

The checkboxes allow different functions of the widget that are not set in preferences due to the fact they would be useful in specific cases, and not in general cases.

  • No Server Tab makes it so that server tabs are not shown to users. Certain functions are tough to do without a server tab, and if the widget is used by operators, should be visible.
  • No Server Notices disables the ability to see server-wide notices.
  • No Server MOTD disables showing the MOTD to users when they start the widget.
  • Autoconnect makes it so that users do not choose their nickname. It must be set in the channel before being usable.
  • Force Prompt requests passwords from users before they can attempt to join the channel.