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== Header ==
== Header ==
The header is the top part of the page.  It contains the logo, Kenneth, which when hovered over gives the version of the client.  Next to Kenneth is four lines of information.
{{UI:Header (Main Client)}}
The first line shows whether you are connected or not.  A green dot is connected, a red dot is not.  It then shows the total users online using Mibbit.  This is not the total amount of users on IRC, as many do not use Mibbit.  Finally, if you are connected, it shows your lag in miliseconds (1/1000 of a second) to the Mibbit server.  The lag indicator does not give the lag to individual [[IRC Servers]].
The second line shows how many IRC Connections you have active and how many connections are starting.
The third line gives the login and registration fields, once the buttons on the fourth line ask for them.  Registration is simple compared to most sites, and gives access to [[preferences]], [[profile]], [[autoidentify]], and more features.  Once logged in, the line will state: "Logged in as nick".  Before anything happens though, this line is blank.
The fourth line gives two sets of information.  When not logged in, it shows "Login | Create an account | Password reminder".  When logged in, it shows "Account | Prefs | Profile | Channels | Logs | Logout".
Finally, there is a textual ad-banner from Google to the right of these four lines.
== Home Tab ==
== Home Tab ==

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The main client is the a full featured IRC client that can be connected to by going to http://chat.mibbit.com/. The main client allows you to connect to multiple servers

The main client is made up of two divisions: The Header and the Client. Furthermore, the main client has a loading screen and prompts.

Loading Screen

When loading, a progress bar is shown and the statuses for loading are as follows. This list changes over time. See Loading Messages if you want to see some of the past messages.

  1. Turning up the volume
  2. Creating iPad version
  3. Wrapping presents
  4. Loading loading loading
  5. Working out how best display stuff
  6. Fixing bugs
  7. Adding a pinch of salt
  8. Please hold while we connect you to an operative
  9. Your call is very important to us.
  10. Upgrading to version 50,000

Prompt Screen

The prompt screen is well, a large white screen that appears when you need to confirm leaving a server, join a server where your nick is taken or attempt to change to an invalid nick, or Mibbit disconnects for some reason (usually your internet connection). There are currently no preferences to edit the color of the prompt screen.


Template:UI:Header (Main Client)

Home Tab

The Home tab is the default tab loaded when Mibbit starts up.

Features only found in

These features are found in the main client and are not found in widgets.

  • Multiple servers
  • Filters
  • onJoin Alias Match