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This page contains an archive of loading messages while the Main Client loads.

  1. Attaching to matrix...",
  2. Firing up flux capacitors...",
  3. 0a 67 55 e6 blitzzzzzz bleurgh",
  4. Creating frogs...",
  5. Extrapolating frog verticies...",
  6. Creating ribbit sound files...",
  7. Creating the color black...",
  8. Loading some bytes from the tubes...",
  9. Waiting for summer...",
  10. Building a house...",
  11. Rewiring NAT templates...",
  12. Solving for x...",
  13. Starting colider...",
  14. Adding sugar...",
  15. Whisking frogspawn..."

Current Messages

  1. Turning up the volume
  2. Creating iPad version
  3. Wrapping presents
  4. Loading loading loading
  5. Working out how best display stuff
  6. Fixing bugs
  7. Adding a pinch of salt
  8. Please hold while we connect you to an operative
  9. Your call is very important to us.
  10. Upgrading to version 50,000