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What is a vHost?

A vHost (aka virtual host) is a feature on some irc networks, that allows you to be identified with a custom host, hiding your real ISP, making some silly joke, or even ban evasion. Some networks call this a 'cloak'.

vHost Policy

The Mibbit IRC Network does not allow any user to have a vHost.

  • Why not?
    • The Mibbit IRC Network already masks your host, it looks like this: "mib-11DE075.hst16.fg.comcast.net" or even "287AB38E.50E33866.F91BE320.IP". This is a hash generated by our IRCd, and nobody can decode it.
    • The Mibbit IRC network has thousands of users, managing this feature for so many people is daunting.
  • But I see some with obvious vHosts, why are they special users?
    • You mean the ones that say "xxx.staff.mibbit.net"? Well, isn't that obvious? These are (Network Admin and Network Oper) vHosts. You can be assured that if you see this vHost, the person is authorized to speak for, and on behalf, of The Mibbit IRC Network.
  • I found the (not so) secret bot/service that allowed me to request a vHost, but it didn't work.
    • Simple, we ignore all requests and have any outstanding requests purged.
  • Is there anything I can say to convince you to change your policy?
    • Nope.
  • But Network x does it, and they are huge, much larger than yours.
    • See previous question.