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When I try to change my nick, I get the following message:

<NickServ> This nickname may not be used.  Please choose another one.
<NickServ> Nick TheNick may not be registered or used.

And other variations on the theme.

This is not the same as when someone else is already using TheNick.

The Nick is Forbidden

  • You may not use nicknames that are the same as common network services.
    • For example, you can not use the nicknames such as NickServ, ChanServ, Bot, and other related nicks.
  • You may not use nicknames that are intended to mimic common network services, even if the name of that services isn't being used on this network.
  • You may not use nicknames that are intended to mimic staff, or other users.
    • This includes cute spelling spoofs intended to trick users.
  • You may not use some nicknames clearly used to offend or generate turmoil.

Little possibility of appeal

The Mibbit Staff considers all conditions, and how it will impact users before forbidding a nickname.

  • If you have a valid reason why you think you should be able to use a forbidden nickname, you may take it up with the Mibbit Staff.
    • Note that unless you present a very clear and valid reason at the outset of your appeal, your request may not get you the expected results.
      • Asking us to let you use the nick NickServ might get you shot.