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The low limit came up in discussion so I looked into where EFnet's cgi:irc goes to... here's what I got

∙φ∙ p  12 OPER(s)(from
[zi(zi@pix.firewall)] yes?
[msg(zi)] curious about how to go about getting access for
          Mibbit. :)
[msg(zi)] it's a fantastic ajax irc client.
[zi(zi@pix.firewall)] is it opensource?
[msg(zi)] i see your point. no. it's not even mine. :(
[zi(zi@pix.firewall)] ah
[zi(zi@pix.firewall)] if you can get the guys who run/own it to talk to  us, i
                      think we could prolly figure something out
[msg(zi)] far enough. whos the go to guy? motd didn't point any out.
[zi(zi@pix.firewall)] you can email

So jump on that and let me know how it goes, :)

Why is Freenode blocking Mibbet?

I used it for a year and it was great - what is going on? ~~ MarkDilley

I do see this weblog post of yours...