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Similar to User menu, but not nick related. You can add you own commands or text to the dropdown which opens when you click the Menu button above or below the User list. Several items can be chained using the pipe symbol "<space> | <space>". The menu is not accessabel in server tabs.

Availabe variables:

  • # (current channel)
  • $me (your own nick name)
  • $? (prompt for a value)

Defaults (built in):

  • Hide/Show userlist
    • toggles the visibility of the user list
  • Show/Hide send button
    • toggles the visibility of the send button
  • Link to channel
    • Opens a popup for copy&paste):
      Share a link to this channel with friends.
      Email, tweet, facebook, anywhere.
      Mibbit link:<channel>&server=<server>
      IRC:// link: irc://<server>/<channel>


local line       /echo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
no likes ?       here in # we ( $me ) don't like $?
show bans        /echo ban list (if not empty) with red unban buttons (X) | /mode # b