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CTCP, or Client-To-Client Protocol, is a common protocol implemented by every major IRC client in use today. CTCP extends the original IRC protocol by allowing users to query other clients for specific information.

{{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}}{{#set:Type=Internet Relay Chat}}/ctcp nick query

Place a query to a users client and getting an answer.

CTCP Commands and Replies

Mibbit specific:

  • Backend: which client are people using
  • Profile: will show the profile eventually
  • Country: where the user is connecting from
  • Browser: Refer(r)er sent by the browser
  • Connectip: which Mibbit server has connected the ircd
  • Website: which page widget users come from
  • Allinfo: a combination of Time, Backend, Profile, Version, Country, Browser, ConnectIP and Website

  • Unknown Request: Blocked from being sent to the client in the backend.