Banning Mibbit

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Hopefully you won't need to ban Mibbit or Mibbit clients, but in case you need to, here's a few methods of doing so.


Non-CGI:IRC Connections for CGI:IRC Configured Server

After setting up CGI:IRC, you may want to ban users who are not connecting via CGI:IRC. To do so, G:Line *@ircip* Note that doing so will kill all Mibbit users that haven't restarted since CGI:IRC was set up, and will prevent them from joining if you did not set it up properly.

Other Servers

If you didn't set up CGI:IRC, then adding a G:Line for *@ircip* will block all clients from joining. Be courteous and give a helpful message in the G:Line and tell us so that we can get your server added to the Problem Networks page.

Channel Bans

The simplest way of banning all Mibbit users is to ban *!Mibbit@*. This is generally a bad idea.

You may want to keep users out who haven't changed their nick from the default. The ban for that is mib_*!Mibbit@*.