Assign a channel bot

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This was made specifically for, we do not guarantee that this guide will work on other networks.
This guide assumes that you have registered your nickname and registered and protected your channel prior to reaching this guide.

Assigning a channel bot

  1. Assign a bot. Assign the bot using the following command, replacing #channel with your channel
    /msg BotServ ASSIGN #channel Bot On you can't use a nick other than "Bot".
  2. Configure a bot. Configure the bot using the following command
    /msg BotServ SET #channel <option> ( for options see /bs help set )
  3. Get help. For support with assigning a bot to your channel please join #Help, see Anope's help documentation or use the following command
    /msg BotServ HELP (/bs HELP may also work depending on your IRC client)