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The Mibbit network recently updated from Anope v.1.8 to v.2.0. This has caused certain services commands to change.

Set Command

Before: /msg someserv set target setting option

Now: /msg someserv set setting target option

some syntax has changed totally, e.g., /cs help entrymsg



Enabling fantasy is now found on botserv.

Before: /msg chanserv set #channel fantasy on

Now: /msg botserv set fantasy #channel on

We think that fantasy got reset to off for everybody.


The !tkb command has been removed in favor of a time parameter in !ban

Now: !ban +1h user (kicks the user as well)


You can now identify to your nickserv account while being on another nickname.

Before: /msg nickserv identify your-password

Now: /msg nickserv identify [your-account] your-password

If you leave the account off, it uses your current nickname.

Channel Passwords

Channel passwords have been removed completely, the channel-description is optional.

Registering Channels

Before: /msg chanserv register #channel channel-password channel-description

Now: /msg chanserv register #channel [channel-description]

CAUTION: DO NOT put any password here, otherwise it will be part of the channel-description!

Identifying to ChanServ

Identification to ChanServ has been completely removed.

Before: /msg chanserv identify #channel channel-password

Now: No identify command.

Dropping the Channel

Before: /msg chanserv drop #channel channel-password

Now: /msg chanserv drop #channel #channel

Multiple Owners

You can now set multiple owners to a channel by adding them to the QOP list.

Before: Give channel password to other owners.

Now: /cs qop #chan add nick

Mode Lock

Chanserv's mlock has been replaced with a "mode" command.

See /msg chanserv help mode

Access / XOP / Flags

Chanserv now lets you use any of Access, XOP, and Flags at the same time. Flags are new in Anope 2.0.

/msg chanserv set #channel XOP {ON | OFF} is gone.

Nickserv Ghost/Release/Recover

All three commands do the same thing. Before they didn't.