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/cs set #chan XOP {on|off} enables or disables the xOP lists system for a channel. When XOP is set ON (it is ON by default), you have to use the AOP/SOP/VOP commands in order to give channel privileges to users, else you have to use the ACCESS command (see http://anope.org/docgen/1.8/en_us/ChanServ.html ).

Technical Note: when you switch from access list to xOP lists system, your level definitions and user levels will be changed, so you won't find the same values if you switch back to access system!

You should also check that your users are in the good xOP list after the switch from access to xOP lists, because the guess is not always perfect... in fact, it is not recommended to use the xOP lists if you changed level definitions with the LEVELS command.

Switching from xOP lists system to access list system causes no problem though.

Auto-Op (autoop) refers to Channel Server automatically granting a user mode to a specific registered nick when they join a specific channel. It is part of "xOP" or "XOP", the automatic user privileges system. For the mibbit main client see also Autoidentify.

ChanServ maintains a list of registered nicknames which will automatically receive privileges if they are identified to NickServ (they logged in using their password with NickServ). There are 4 xOP Levels.

xOP Levels
Level User Mode Commands More Info
Owner +q
/msg ChanServ
       QOP <channel> ADD <nick>
       QOP <channel> DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
       QOP <channel> LIST [mask | list]
       QOP <channel> CLEAR

example: /cs qop #myhappychan add johndoe

Admin (Super-Op) Mode admin.png +a
/msg ChanServ
       SOP <channel> ADD <nick>
       SOP <channel> DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
       SOP <channel> LIST [mask | list]
       SOP <channel> CLEAR

example: /cs sop #myhappychan add johndoe

Operator Mode op.png +o
/msg ChanServ
        AOP <channel> ADD <nick>
        AOP <channel> DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
        AOP <channel> LIST [mask | list]
        AOP <channel> CLEAR
Half-Operator Mode halfop.png +h
/msg ChanServ
        HOP <channel> ADD <nick>
        HOP <channel> DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
        HOP <channel> LIST [mask | list]
        HOP <channel> CLEAR
Voice Mode voice.png +v
/msg ChanServ
        VOP <channel> ADD <nick>
        VOP <channel> DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
        VOP <channel> LIST [mask | list]
        VOP <channel> CLEAR


Nicks must be registered, channel names start with # , do NOT use the < > brackets

Mibbit's IRC Servers allow /cs and /chanserv as aliases for /msg ChanServ, either form is acceptable.