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The embedded widget is in alpha...


The basic URL is http://embed.mibbit.com/e/ Please make sure you use embed.mibbit.com and NOT www.mibbit.com.

Preference parameters

iframe Example

<iframe width="600" height="380" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"
type /nick to change your Nick name, /help, /cs help,
/ns help, /ms help, or /os help for available commands

Do not use #'s in the urls! # Cuts off the query string and everything after it isn't included in the url. Instead, use the url escaped version of #, %23. It is okay to use #'s in the channel textbox in the Mibbit IRC Form explained below.

add these lines onto your web page to have your own chat there. Use any scripting language to avoid nick collisions, e.g. You do not need to use this code if you are using the Mibbit IRC Form. In the generator, just check the box that says "Add a random number between # and # to the end of the nickname." (# being the numbers)

...&nick=group_<?php echo mt_rand(10000, 99999); ?>">

Then, just specify channel and optionally nick.

  • If you do not provide a nick, a random one will be chosen
  • If there is a nick collision, the user will be prompted to choose a new one (IE7 may have issues with prompt

You can override all of these in the URL, using params. You can also override autoAway. ,e.g., &autoAway=0 to disable (case matters)

Mibbit IRC Form

A form can be used to access the widget easily in a chat window. The form uses 2 following params that the embeddable widget does not yet support:

  • server =
  • pass =

The embeddable widget will soon support these params.

Example form

The form can be configured here