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This is currently from the blog. At current time, no time to edit to become support article. As such, probably not too useful as a wiki article. Clean up required.

Mibbit had a customer request for different nickname colors to be set on connection, this was so that groups of chatters could be connected and shown by particular colors.

So, we added this feature.

To use it just add two items to your widget url as follows:

  1. ciUserListColorNormal=true
  2. csUserListColorNormal=%23<hex color>

The first one tells Mibbit to enable nick colors, the second tells it what color for the connection. The fully formed URL would look something like this: <>

Mibbit provides anyone with a website the tools to put live group-chat in context with less than 5 minutes setup time.

For the full list of URI parameters check here for what Mibbit can do;

What’s next? soccer team colors for 2010? or pick the hue of your favorite lightsaber, it’s up to you. Happy coloring.