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Kenneth is a bot
Stop him from running by changing this page.

If you are looking for the IRC factoid bot, see Kenneth.

Kenneth is a bot for use on this wiki. He is an automated process designed to do tedious tasks it would take a human a while to do, quickly.
He finds pages that aren't up to scratch and makes them easier to find. He is semi-automated, and run by μc8. He edits in runs: to stop him from editing mid-run, see the instructions to the right.



If required, the bot:

  • Fixes common mistakes in "see also" and "external links" sections, removes excess white space.
  • Sorts interwiki links alphabetically (individually selectable in menu), and puts them at the bottom of the page with stubs.
  • Unicodifies interwiki links.
  • Removes duplicate interwikis and categories.
  • Puts categories after page body, followed by interwiki links and stub templates. Recognizes some comments as cat and interwiki headers.
  • Adds bullet points to external links after the ==External links==.
  • Replaces italic and bold html markup with wiki markup.
  • Repairs bad links.
  • Simplifies links like [[Dog|Dog]] to [[Dog]].
  • Simplifies links like [[Dog|Dogs]] to [[Dog]]s.
  • Adds bold text to the first occurrence of the title of the page (if there is no other bold text).
  • De-links self referencing wiki-links.
  • Remove empty [[]] and {{}}, and for the wikilinks, caters for categories and images too
  • Correct numerous incorrect degrees symbols
  • Removes accents in {{DEFAULTSORT}} tags and category sortkeys so that sorting is alphabetical, not ASCIIbetical
  • Removes the (unneeded) sort key from categories if a {{DEFAULTSORT}} entry is present with the same sort key
  • Fixes external links starting with http://http://
  • Removes unneeded pipes from simple external links
  • Uses non-breaking spaces to prevent unwanted end-of-line displacements
  • Repair <ref> tags before and after punctuation.
  • Removes multiple copies of the same <ref>
  • If there are two references at the same places, sorts them (so [1][2][3] instead of [2][1][3])

Although these are not always needed on this wiki, it will still look and fix any of these 'errors' as required.

Kenneth runs under AWB.