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Should be in [[User:Aquarius]], not an article.


About information on Aquarius will be posted here soon.


Aquarius has been involved with Mibbit since February 2008 after working with other projects in the past in numerous ways. Aquarius was looking for a new project to work with and came across Mibbit by accident when forwarded from the highly used IRCAtWork.

Aquarius is now involved with the Mibbit WIKI and The Mibbit IRC Network.

Aquarius has 7 years experience when dealing with issues regarding IRC and a years experience using MediaWIKI.

Aquarius can be found on IRC using the Nick Name Aquarius (Surprise, Surprise!)

Suggestions are welcomed, and prefered and Aquarius is promoted to gathering new ideas, features and services that Mibbit can provide to users in the near future!


Aquarius is chat manager on The Mibbit IRC Network.

Aquarius is one of two services root users.

Aquarius often managers the upkeep of the IRC servers.


  • Internet Relay Chat


Port: 6667

Nick Name: Aquarius

  • E-Mail