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Sounds play on the occurrence of certain events in Mibbit. These include;

  • newpm - receiving a new Private Message
  • ircdisconnect - disconnecting from IRC server
  • mentionednick - your nickname mentioned
  • newmsg - new message received
  • userjoin - a user has joined one or more channel(s) you are in
  • userpart - a user has departed one or more channel(s)

Configuring sounds.

Configuring which sound is played for each event is done through account preferences - prefs. See Fig1. below; Soundprefs.png

To make changes simply replace the existing URL reference with another valid reference to a sound file.

Allowable formats.

Allowable audio file formats include;


Browser compatibility.

Web browser support for audio playback differs greatly. The most widely supported format is .wav, if you're often using different browsers yourself or you're configuring a widget then you may choose to stick with this format. If you're feeling a little more adventurous you can convert your sound to all four formats and let Mibbit choose which to play. To do this upload all four formats to a web location and make sure they share a common file name, next edit the 'Sound File' entry in Prefs to remove the reference to any file extension. Mibbit will automatically identify which formats your browser can play and select the best format.

Additional information.

The splay command is also available to use from the chat line by typing '/splay <url to audio file>'