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If you wish to set up a Web:IRC configuration for Mibbit, please follow the following steps.

  1. Choose a WebIRC password.
    • This password should be between 6-20 alphanumeric characters. Please don't use special characters.
  2. Configure your servers. How to do so is listed below for each server type.
    • IP addresses are in the section above for reference and in each IRCd specific section below.
    • Please have your settings saved and rehashed
  3. Gather the following information so that you may supply it in the following step.
    • Network name
      • Will be shown in the server tab, so keep it short but meaningful. For could be "Example Net"
    • A list of all DNS entries that point to your network.
      • e.g.,,, etc.
      • In the case that not all servers in your network are set up with WebIRC, a list of the servers with WebIRC enabled.
    • Preferred connect server or round robin and the port number (if not 6667)
      • e.g., (will be used by the main client)
      • If you have SSL, we prefer that port (and please tell us that it's SSL).
    • Server admin's Email address
    • Server admin's nickname on server
    • WebIRC password (maximum length 20 characters)
    • Public (yes/no)
      • Only say yes if both:
        • you have more than 100 users. No, services and bots do not count. IRC OPs do not count either.
        • you want to see your server listed in the main client's Home > IRC: dropdown list.
      • If there are reports that the Mibbit client cannot connect, once the entry is set up, then the "public" entry will be removed.
    • IRCd version
    • General description of the network
      • A tag such as "Gaming", "Support", "Politics", ect.
  4. Send us this information via one of the following options.
    • We have an online form.
    • Send an email.
      • The subject should include "WebIRC" and your network name. For example, "Example Net: WebIRC Configuration".
      • Send the email to
      • Include all of the gathered information.
      • Most emails are processed within 24 hours.
  5. Once your information is added to our database, we will give you a confirmation message, whether through IRC or email.