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This only applies to operators on the official channels (#help, #mibbit, #chat).

Preliminary List

General Rules

  1. Always be polite.
    • Never speak of those being helped in a derogatory manner.
  2. Nominate others for ops as you see fit, appoint hops as you see fit. Take note of who is trying to help and encourage and help them to spread the load around.
  3. Keep axod involved in those issues which he needs to be involved.
  4. Always idle in #staff. Any communications between op/hop should occur there or in private.
    • Never release logs from #staff.

Keeping Control

  1. In #mibbit, most discussion topics are allowed, except those that explicitly violate the rules. Use discretion in moderating the discussion in #mibbit. We want users to be able to feel free to discuss anything that is civil.
  2. Abide by the channel rules in every way. Failure to do so could get you removed.
  3. Eliminate those users that fail to abide by the channel rules.
    1. Go in the order of Warning, Kick, Quiet Ban, Full Ban.
    2. Never kick or ban needlessly or for fun.
    3. Respect other moderator's bans. Only the person who made the ban may remove the ban. Arrangements for others to remove your bans can be made.
  4. Review your bans once a week. Prune any that are no longer necessary.

Helping Users

  1. If you are in the channel and not set away, you are expected to help.
    • If you are away, please remove your op/hop status.
    • If you are an Oper, always go by your Oper name that is listed in the MOTD.
  2. Try not to interfere with another that is assisting another user.
    • If you need to address another helper, say, to point out an error, do so in private or in the staff channel..never in #help.
    • Never argue with another op or hop *in channel*
  3. Try to point users to documentation first, but if they are unable to learn from it, show them simple examples about, say, registering a channel.
    • Examples are important. Use them copiously.
  4. Use the Mibbit client as often as possible when in the #help channel. Create a widget. The experience is very helpful in assisting others.
  5. Keep the help topics specifically related to the Mibbit/Widget clients and irc as it relates to Mibbit. Refer users of other clients to the appropriate forums.
    1. In #help, only discussion regarding help with the mibbit client or server is allowed. All other discussion should be taken to #mibbit, privately or another channel
  6. Keep the channel to one help session only. If another needs help, take it private to avoid confusion.


  1. Attempt to create wiki pages for new complex features.
  2. Try to keep an FAQ for problems
  3. Make suggestions and record user suggestions to improve Mibbit as the need arises.

Other thoughts

It's very important that all op/hops use the Mibbit client. The feedback from daily use is invaluable to the development of a better Mibbit client.

Visit Staff_Wish_List often and add or make changes as you see fit.

Visit #tombot so you may use Kenneth more easily.