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Category Reshuffle

Here's my idea of how everything should be categorized, so that, in future, we can point people towards Category:Mibbit and a comprehensive index will be created. We start off with two base categories, that are completely separate: Category:Mibbit and Category:Metaspace. They break down to:

We would create and delete categories as needed, and, (this is taking from Wikipedia policy here) we only have categories with three or more articles in. Articles can, of course, be in more than one category.

Finally, as a thought, we might want to keep documentation and interaction separate: MediaWiki have an easy way of doing this -- namespaces. We could use the Mibbit: namespace for bugs, wishlists etc, and leave the 'mainspace' for actual documentation (at the moment, there are no useful pages in the Mibbit: namespace, so this option is viable. μc8 23:59, 30 December 2009 (UTC)

Havvy's Thoughts

Looks okay as far as using the Mibbit: namespace for things like Bugs and the Wishlist. I'd add 'IRC' to the list of categories, along with 'User Interface'. "Mibbit Network" is being done under the term irc.mibbit.net though, so I'm going to change that;