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Wish list of features

  • Rizon support - irc.rizon.net
  • I have a IRC chatroom to complement a web forum I use. I'd like to have a link on my website where a person can just choose a nickname and automatically be logged in to the correct IRC server and chat room without having to know the details.
  • body: smaller left & right margins (~5-7px?) for not wasting precious space on the desktop
  • skins (user creatable?), maybe integrated in the forthcoming GUI
  • dragable pane borders (or at least user-defined column width)

-- HerculeP, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

  • Implement /server /invite /ignore /part needs fixing
  • Context menu for users with options such as [ignore] [kick] [ban] [profile]
  • Play a sound when something happens (OPTIONAL)
  • SILCnet support - http://silcnet.org/
  • Have the chat fill the screen, instead of just the top bit. Ie, maximizing the browser won't leave me with a little tiny chat window in the middle. <DONE>
  • Ability to choose encoding. (I'm swedish, so characters like Å, Ä and Ö won't always work...)
hmm, no problems with äöü.. - the mibbit client uses utf8 AFAIK, Å, Ä and Ö should be handled correctly (if all clients use utf8 and if you don't force your browser to use something else).
  • skins.mibbit.com skin exchange interface
  • A "send" button for compatibility with the Nintendo Wii and other such Games consoles. To clarify, a Say button that acts like a keyboard's Enter key. Wii users won't be able to chat without it.
  • A way to re-arrange tabs, or separate server tabs from chat tabs.
  • Autofocus on chat pane, instead of having to click on the text that says Type here


  • Turn of auto-away (option if it has to be) <axod: /dset autoAway 0>
    • As an unregistered user, both /set autoAway 0 and /dset autoAway 0 did not turn off the autoAway feature

<axod: It will only change the setting for new irc connections. Close the server tab and connect again and it'll be fine. Or register with mibbit to have your prefs saved (It's a pretty lightweight registration ;)>

<Works for me, all this does is *pre-fill* the information into the connect form. It does not and will not auto-connect - that could be abused quite easily>