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(User suggested features (Please add yours here))
(User suggested features (Please add yours here))
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*Increase the # of connections to Rizon.net servers
*Increase the # of connections to Rizon.net servers
* Create a wiki page for all /dset commands.  --Havvy
* Create a wiki page for all /dset commands.  --Havvy
* Ability to edit auto-connect thing in preferences.
== Done ==
== Done ==

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Wish list of features

To be done very soon

  • implement /ignore
  • make /invite work better
  • Implement an option for ChanServ/NickServ/OperServ/MemoServ /msgs to go to a private message window, just like a regular user. Set this to "off" by default, as the current behaviour is preferred by the majority of users(not me) EugeneKay (chat)
  • If a user is not there, make that clear ON THE PM WINDOW! :)
  • Fix /join 0 error

User suggested features (Please add yours here)

  • I have a IRC chatroom to complement a web forum I use. I'd like to have a link on my website where a person can just choose a nickname and automatically be logged in to the correct IRC server and chat room without having to know the details. <-- See the main page for linking details, you can already do that.
  • skins (user creatable?), maybe integrated in the forthcoming GUI
  • dragable pane borders (or at least user-defined column width)

-- HerculeP, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

  • Context menu for users with options such as [ignore] [kick] [ban] [profile]
  • Play a sound when something happens (OPTIONAL)
  • SILCnet support - http://silcnet.org/
  • Have the chat fill the screen, instead of just the top bit. Ie, maximizing the browser won't leave me with a little tiny chat window in the middle. <DONE>
  • Ability to choose encoding. (I'm swedish, so characters like Å, Ä and Ö won't always work...)
    hmm, no problems with äöü.. - the mibbit client uses utf8 AFAIK, Å, Ä and Ö should be handled correctly (if all clients use utf8 and if you don't force your browser to use something else).
  • skins.mibbit.com skin exchange interface
  • A "send" button for compatibility with the Nintendo Wii and other such Games consoles. To clarify, a Say button that acts like a keyboard's Enter key. Wii users won't be able to chat without it.
  • A way to re-arrange tabs, or separate server tabs from chat tabs.
  • About the chat filling the screen - I meant vertically as well as horizontally. At the moment, the /set chatPaneHeight and /set ulistPaneHeight options work, but they seem to require a refresh of the page to take effect(not fun when you're switching between computers with radically different resolutions, ie 1024x768 --> 2560*1600, and yes, the big screen is gorgeous) EugeneKay (chat) 07:50, 25 January 2008 (UTC) - Yup I will have a solution to this --Axod 17:15, 25 January 2008 (UTC)
  • Leave the default away/unaway behavior as is - 10 minutes or so. But change the default display setting so that it won't leave the little messages all over the place. This lets those users who want to know who's here or not know, but also makes it so us who really don't care aren't spammed with "xxxxx is away" messages(Which is really annoying. We know they're not here--they haven't SAID anything for 10 minutes! ) EugeneKay (chat) 07:50, 25 January 2008 (UTC)
  • Support for (Windows) pocket devices.
  • Make /op and /deop work. EugeneKay (chat)
  • Possibly impliment /m alias for /msg
  • Allow editing of passwords / auto join channels in preferences menu without having to remove the server and re-add with updated information
  • Preferences option to disable graphical smileys
  • A graphical front-end to Bitlbee - this would make Mibbit much more popular as you could use it as an IM client with ease.
  • The ability to distinguish simple messages and "highlights" (i.e. messages containing the current client's nickname).
  • Open Server on the Telnet for connection to other MUDs/MUSHes/MOOs/MUXes.
  • Increase the # of connections to Rizon.net servers
  • Create a wiki page for all /dset commands. --Havvy
  • Ability to edit auto-connect thing in preferences.