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About Mibbit

Mibbit is an online chat client. Mibbit supports a variety of Platforms including the main PC browsers, the wii, Nokia N800, iPhone, and probably a lot more. It does this without any plugins. Just javascript. Mibbit currently supports IRC and yahoo, with other protocols due to be supported soon. You can also use the Mibbit widget to provide real time chat on your own website.

Why use Mibbit?

  • Security - Since Mibbit runs in a browser, it is restricted in what it can do to your machine. Even java applets can seriously mess up your machine, as you have to 'trust' them and give them access to everything. Mibbit on the other hand is actually running on a mibbit server. All you see in your browser is a 'view' into mibbit.
  • Ease - You may well not want to install a desktop client on every machine yo