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User icons
Icon Name Description Mode Symbol
Mode owner.png Owner Has full control over the channel. +q ~
Mode admin.png Admin Can't be kicked because user is protected. On some networks can also set +o. +a &
Mode op.png Operator Can kick people, ban people from their channel, and set channel modes. +o @
Mode halfop.png Halfoperator Can do most things an operator can, with a few exceptions. +h %
Mode voice.png Voice Can speak while the room is moderated (+m). In most channels, this is merely a mark of trustworthiness. +v +
User green.png Client icons Someone using the same Mibbit client (and the same backend).
User blue.png Someone using a different client (or a different widget backend).
User wii.png Someone using Mibbit from a Wii (and the same backend).
User ipod.png Someone using Mibbit from an iPod, such as an iPod touch (and the same backend).
User iphone.png Someone using Mibbit from an iPhone (and the same backend).