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A group is a part of certain Nickservs, including the one on irc.mibbit.net. If you have multiple nicks, you will want to use group to simplify your experience on IRC. For other servers, using "/msg nickserv help group" will give information on whether or not groups are a part of their nickserv. If there is not, try "/msg nickserv help link" for a similar function. The rest of the material on this page assumes you are using irc.mibbit.net or another server that implements group the way Anope services does.

Creating a Group

1) Change to the nick that you wish to have grouped. If you have autovoice or autoop in any channel, make sure you group to that nick, not with it. If you have not register nick your first nick, do so.

2) Do the command "/msg nickserv group oldNick oldNickPass". Do not register the new nick.

The nicks, at this point, should be grouped together, and when identifying for one, should have the other identified. Both nicks (and any subsequent nicks) use the pass of the first nick.