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Key features

  • Fast & lightweight.
  • Connect to multiple servers (full version only) and channels.
  • SSL Support.
  • UTF-8 character set (default), many other character sets possible.
  • Typing notification in Userlist (Users name turns red when they are typing).
  • Tab completion on nicknames (Just starting someones name, and try pressing tab).
  • Recent Chat (disabled by default).
  • Extended Whois information.
  • Device identification - Wii users show up as a joystick, iPod touch show up as an ipod, iPhone as a phone... You get the idea. This makes it easy to tell why someone is typing slowly for instance.
  • Parsing of links, channels, Smilies, mIRC color, and IRC URLs.
  • Ability to save and edit Preferences.
  • Both a main client, and a widget client.

Minor (Polish) Features

  • Tab-Nickname Completion(Just starting someones name, and try pressing tab).
  • Input history for each channel (Up and down arrows).
  • Auto thumbnailing of image URLs
  • Integrated Pastebin
  • On-the-fly language translation