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This page refers to information about Anope Services, and may not be true for every server. Specifically, this information is for irc.mibbit.net and may not be true on other servers.

An entry message is a message that is noticed by Chanserv or Bot when the user joins the room. For an example, if the entry message is "Welcome to #treeFrogs", they will see

<chanserv> Welcome to #treeFrogs

If you have a Services Bot assigned to your channel, then the message will be from the Services Bot

<Bot> Welcome to #treeFrogs

Setting/Removing an Entry Message

Entry Messages for a channel can be added with the command

/cs entrymsg #yourChannel ADD your entry message here.

If you want to remove all entry messages, use /cs entrymsg #yourChannel CLEAR

If you want to remove a single entry message from the /cs entrymsg #yourChannel list, use /cs entrymsg #yourChannel DEL <number>.

When an entry message is successfully changed, chanserv will tell you one of the following statements:

  • Entry message added to #yourChannel
  • Entry message X for #yourChannel deleted
  • Entry messages for #yourChannel have been cleared.

Chanserv Helpfile

Chanserv's help message on this topic, accessible by /cs help entrymsg states:

Syntax: entrymsg channel ADD message