Enable Mibbit on Your IRC Server

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If you own an IRC server, and would like to enable people to access it from Mibbit, it's simple to get setup.

First of all, anyone who uses Mibbit connects from the same IP address to your IRC server. Yes on *certain* platforms it may be technically possible to install a desktop IRC client or use a java applet, but that's not what most people want.

Given the fact that all Mibbit users will arrive on the same IP address, this needs to be handled by the IRC server.

WEBIRC (Best method)

The webirc protocol allows mibbit to send over the users real IP address and hostname to the irc server. This means that cloaks, and bans, and all other hostname/IP based things work exactly as they should. When you whois the user, it'll look like they are connecting directly from their own IP, and not through Mibbit.

UnrealIRCD documentation

Trust/session limit increase

If webirc is unavailable, mibbit sends over the users IP address and hostname. In the ident reply, we send the users IP address in hex form. We also set the users realname to be their hostname. If you use this method, you can ban individuals on their username. You just need to increase the connection limit for the Mibbit IP, and please remember NOT to k-line/ban the whole of mibbit. Ban individuals instead.

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