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[[Category:How To]][[Category:IRC]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Create Your Own Channel}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Create Your Own Channel}}

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This was made specifically for irc.mibbit.net. Although it is possible that it works with other servers, we can not guarantee.

Registering your Channel

  1. Register your nickname. First of all, register your nick (or identify).
  2. Join the channel. If you haven't already, join your channel, by typing /join #my_channel, changing "my_channel" to your channel's name. If it's not already taken yet, you should get a star (this means you're an op).
  3. Register with ChanServ. The first user who joins an empty unregistered channel gets op status and can register the channel with ChanServ. ChanServ is a bot that helps with these sorts of things. Just type /msg ChanServ register #my_channel <password> <description> (without the brackets). Where <password> is some password you make up. This is your channel registration password, it should be strong and kept secret. <description> is a short description about your channel's purpose or usage. Make sure that you identify and visit your channel every ten days or so, otherwise it might expire (see /cs help)
  4. Protect your channel (optional). To prevent random people to join your room, type /mode #my_channel +k <password>. You'll want this password to be different to the other password you had above. When people join your channel, they will be asked for this password before they can. This step is optional.
  5. Get help. If you get stuck you can also do /msg ChanServ help or /cs help for extensive help, or you could type /join #help and people will try and help you as well as they can. Multi-language documentation: http://anope.org/docgen/1.8/en_us/ChanServ.php .