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This is ONLY for the ChanServ system on the network.

  • We have NO control over any other network's ChanServ system - Contact them directly.
  • This feature is unrelated, and not linked in any fashion to the website registration for widgets and profiles.

Reminding a User of their Chanserv pass

You can contact any mibbit chat staff and have them is a command to email your chanserv password.

  • Visit us in #help
  • The email goes to the address listed in NickServ, for the founder listed in ChanServ.
  • You can confirm your own setting by issuing the following command:
/cs info #channel all
/ns info nick all

The command only takes a few seconds to send out, but we have no control of how long it takes to get to your email account, or if it is spam trapped.

We remind you to check your spambox.


The email looks similar to the following:

To: "nick" <>
Subject: Channel password (#channel)
You have requested to receive the password of channel #channel by e-mail.
The password is YourSecretForgottenPassword for security purposes, you should change it as soon as you receive this mail.
If you don't know why this mail is sent to you, please ignore it silently.
Mibbit administrators.
  • This is an unread, unmonitored email account. If inbound email is not already automagically deleted upon receipt, it can and will be purged at any time by the email admin.