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Ops have the ability to change channel modes on the channels they are on.  They also have the ability to [[kick]] users and set the [[topic]].  Channel modes control who are ops and who is [[ban]]ned, among other things.
#REDIRECT [[Channel operator]]
When one joins an empty channel, chanserv gives that user op.  That op can set any mode that ops can specifically set.  Still, if somebody enters, and you leave and rejoin, nobody will have op.  To fix this, if you want to run the channel, [[Register channel|register it]].  Upon registering, you get founder.  Founder has the ability to change any channel mode.
The following types of channel modes, applied to users, allow them to change other channel modes:  Halfop (+h nick), Op (+o nick), Admin (or Super-Op) (+a nick), and Owner (+q nick).
The command to give others op in a channel is:
/mode #TheChannelName +o TheNick
/op TheNick
The first is the actual IRC command, the second is an alias for the same command.
The command(s) to give users auto-op are covered in the [[Autoop]] section.
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