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Hi there. Thank you for taking an interest in #mibbit! Here are a few rules and guidelines.

1. #mibbit is a social channel.

#mibbit is not a dating, gaming or support channel. If you need help with Mibbit, try joining #help (just type /join #help).

2. We respectfully ask that you speak in English.

If you want to speak in other languages, please type /join #chat or join another channel of your choosing.

3. Moderate what you are typing.

Please don't spam links to other channels or websites, abuse other users, issue personal attacks, impersonate others, swear or say anything crudely offensive. Overuse of "crude" language is an insult to oneself and others. Racial slurs will result in an instant kick. Be polite.

4. Please ask for permission before pm'ing anyone. It's the polite thing to do.

if you have asked permission, type /msg nick message.

5. Don't ask for OP, HalfOP, or Voice.

We currently are not seeking additional channel management staffers.

6. Do not send all lines in CAPS.

You can use CAPS, but don't ABUSE CAPS. It's like you are yelling to people and is considered impolite.

7. Do not bring in bots or enable autoresponding scripts.

There are hundreds of users coming and going and thousands of lines typed in the channel daily. The use of such scripts only contributes additional noise to the channel.

8. Have a good time.

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