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Core system

  • Very occasionaly, when you part a channel, you will then receive something from the channel, and it'll popup again. (Timing issue/order things happen).
  • If you login to an IRC server and get a nick collision, so use /nick, we don't get a reply, so mibbit isn't aware the nick change was successful and does not update its nick.
  • Sometimes a nick isn't put in the global list on backend, resulting in mibbit users not being identified as such. Possibly related to the above, or perhaps case issues.


  • In the chat output code we get lots of css errors reported for setting white-space.
  • (FF2) sometimes the cursor in the input field is invisible (happens rarely, known FF bug)
  • Firefox 3 problems?
  • If you try to connect somewhere, and something is wrong, a server tab opens, then shuts. You don't get to see the server log - irritating!


  • Randomly the userlist grows and takes up about 40% of the width!
  • (IE6)
    • UserList sometimes has lines disappear, and just shows white. Hovering with the mouse over it refreshes the view. Could be related to hasLayout (http://www.satzansatz.de/cssd/onhavinglayout.html)
    • very long chat pane lines are truncated by the scrollbar (1-2 characters missing)
  • (IE7)
    • In the chat output, bottom few pixels are missing. Add padding? (Work around hack in place)
    • Related to the above. userlist and chat output have crappy borders messing up things.


  • In the chat output code we get lots of css errors reported for setting white-space.
  • In the chat output most of the time the space isn't put at the top, and the chat starts half way up, instead of at the bottom.

Prism (webapp)

  • v. 0.8 (Gecko based): users login successfully but no pane (DIV id=chats?) opens.


  • Rendering is messed up in iPhone version.
  • On the text input bar, the padding is not white. It should be.