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Core system

  • Very occasionaly, when you part a channel, you will then receive something from the channel, and it'll popup again. (Timing issue/order things happen).
  • Connecting to same server twice greys out connect, then you can't connect anywhere again...
  • Half-ops and chan owners don't have a fancy icon, just <sign>+name. Not necessarily a bug, maybe just a note.


  • In the chat output code we get lots of css errors reported for setting white-space.
  • (FF2) sometimes the cursor in the input field is invisible (happens ultra rarely now, known Gecko 1.8 bug).
  • Firefox 3 problems?
  • Will not connect in Firefox Portable (v2.0.0.11) Says 'Loading ... ... ...'on top bar, and when selecting an additional server and click connect it does not go any further.


  • (IE6)
    • 100% CPU usage on some servers with many color changes and autoconnect to all channels (silly setting though)
    • very long chat pane lines are truncated by the scrollbar (1-2 characters missing)
    • Opening links often makes the new window crash, leading to both the new window and the mibbit chat window closing
    • It seems [People Said Stuff!] shows up when you say something.
  • (IE7)
    • PM won't work if a different user is using chatzilla.
    • Related to the above. userlist and chat output have crappy borders messing up things.


  • In the chat output code we get lots of css errors reported for setting white-space.
  • In the chat output most of the time the space isn't put at the top, and the chat starts half way up, instead of at the bottom.

Prism (Mozilla webapp)

v. 0.8 (Gecko based, formerly called WebRunner): works almost, except:

  • The chat panes in the background are not updated and also there is no notification of new events by changing the "tabBackgroundColor".
  • The displayed nick in the nickpane does not show the new nick when the nick was changed in another channel (of the same server). the userlist is updated correctly however. --HerculeP 08:56, 1 February 2008 (UTC)


  • Rendering is messed up in iPhone version.
  • On the text input bar, the padding is not white. It should be.