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API | URI Parameters | Auto Connect

autoConnect (for the widget on a per channel basis)

Note: this setting seems to make the connection to the server fail in some cases atm (endless spinning, especcially when using a chrome browser), will be fixed in the next release.

    • Add &delay=30 for heavily visited pages (default is 2)
    • Remove all &xxxPrompt=true parameters (they override autoConnect)
    • You must have &settings=<yourManagerID> (not needed any more in upcoming releases)
  • Switching autoconnect:
    • Join #yourChannel using the mibbit client (widget preferred, the main client has a delay of up to ten minutes)
    • Make yourself op (or higher).
    • Use the command "/autoconnect on (or off)" (only needed once, the setting is stored in a db, if you use the full client it will take effect after ten minutes)

Auto-connect for the main client is done in the "Channels" tab, see: Autoidentify