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*click "'''Account'''", fill in:
*click "'''Account'''", fill in:
**"Server" <irc.mibbit.com> or <your.server.name>  
**"Server" <irc.mibbit.net> or <your.server.name>  
**"Nick" <yourNick>
**"Nick" <yourNick>
**"Pass" <yourPass>
**"Pass" <yourPass>

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autoConnect (for the widget on a per channel basis)

  • Do an /autoconnect on (only once) in your channel as op or higher using the mibbit widget (gets stored in a db, if you use the full client it will take effect after one hour)
  • Add &autoConnect=true to the widget's uri
  • If necessary, remove the old &forcePrompt=xxx from the uri

Auto-Connect (full client)

  • click "Account", fill in:
    • "Server" <irc.mibbit.net> or <your.server.name>
    • "Nick" <yourNick>
    • "Pass" <yourPass>
    • leave "NickServ" or choose the auth-method your server uses
    • click [Add], save!

Repeat those steps for other servers

  • click "Channels", fill in:
    • "Server" (same as above!)
    • "Channels" (e.g., *myCh mykey)
    • leave "Auto-Connect" checked
    • click [Add], save!

Repeat those steps for other channels

You will be owner, op, etc. in your channel(s) as soon as you re-load your browser