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Sounds play on the occurrence of certain events in Mibbit. These include;

Sound Options
Name When Played Default URL
newpm receiving a new Private Message //
ircdisconnect Disconnecting from IRC server //
mentionednick your nickname mentioned //
newmsg new message received //
userjoin a user has joined one or more channel(s) you are in //
userpart a user has parted one or more channel(s) you are in //

Configuring sounds.

Configuring which sound is played for each event is done through account preferences - prefs. See Fig1. below; Soundprefs.png

To make changes simply replace the existing URL reference with another valid reference to a sound file.

Allowable formats.

Allowable audio file formats include;


Browser compatibility.

Web browser support for audio playback differs greatly. The most widely supported format is .wav, if you're often using different browsers yourself or you're configuring a widget then you may choose to stick with this format.

Use your own sounds

To use your own sounds, pick a file format that can be played in the browsers you use. Then, upload your audio file to the web somewhere. Finally, replace the link for the sound with a link to your file. When you link to the file, you can use "http://" "https://" or "//" for the protocol.

If you use "//" for the protocol, Mibbit will replace it with "http://" or "https://" depending on whether the connection is made via SSL or not.


If you're feeling adventurous you can convert your sound to all four allowable formats and Mibbit will play the best one 'automagically', make sure the files share the same name and are stored in the same web location. This is useful if configuring a Widget and you don't know which browsers your visitors use.


{{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}}{{#set:Type=External Reference}}/splay sound-url

If the sound-url is a sound format your browser can play, it plays the sound file. Otherwise, it fails silently.
Output: None (audio)