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|[[Image:Mode owner.png]] +q
  /msg ChanServ
  /msg ChanServ

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xOP or XOP refers to the means of channel permissions controlled by giving users the ability to automatically take on a specific mode. It, along with access and flags, are the ways to grant others the ability to moderate your channel.

Auto-Op (autoop) refers to Channel Server automatically granting a user mode to a specific registered nick when they join a specific channel. It is part of "xOP" or "XOP", the automatic user privileges system. For the Mibbit main client, see also Autoidentify.

ChanServ maintains a list of registered nicknames which will automatically receive privileges if they are identified to NickServ (they logged in using their password with NickServ). There are 4 xOP Levels.

xOP Levels
Level User Mode Commands More Info
Owner Mode owner.png +q
/msg ChanServ
       QOP <channel> ADD <nick>
       QOP <channel> DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
       QOP <channel> LIST [mask | list]
       QOP <channel> CLEAR

example: /cs qop #myhappychan add johndoe

Admin (Super-Op) Mode admin.png +a
/msg ChanServ
       SOP <channel> ADD <nick>
       SOP <channel> DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
       SOP <channel> LIST [mask | list]
       SOP <channel> CLEAR

example: /cs sop #myhappychan add johndoe

Operator Mode op.png +o
/msg ChanServ
        AOP <channel> ADD <nick>
        AOP <channel> DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
        AOP <channel> LIST [mask | list]
        AOP <channel> CLEAR
Half-Operator Mode halfop.png +h
/msg ChanServ
        HOP <channel> ADD <nick>
        HOP <channel> DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
        HOP <channel> LIST [mask | list]
        HOP <channel> CLEAR
Voice Mode voice.png +v
/msg ChanServ
        VOP <channel> ADD <nick>
        VOP <channel> DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
        VOP <channel> LIST [mask | list]
        VOP <channel> CLEAR


Nicks must be registered, channel names start with # , do NOT use the < > brackets

Mibbit's IRC Servers allow /cs and /chanserv as aliases for /msg ChanServ, either form is acceptable.