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This information can be found at the widget product page.


The premium widget is a widget that also has the following features:


$9.99/month, up to 25 concurrent users at one time.
Premium Plus 
$24.99/month, up to 100 concurrent users at one time.
Premium Plus 250 
$49.99/month, up to 250 concurrent users at one time.

If you regularly exceed the limit, we'll get in touch to discuss moving you to a new plan. We won't set hard limits. Warnings will appear.

Premium FAQ

Why do premium plans have user limits?

The free version is supported by advertising, which scales with the number of users. For the premium versions, the price is dependent on how many users you would like to be able to support.

Are the ad-supported and premium essentially the same?

No. Premium accounts are supported on an enhanced intrastructure and contain more features than the basic ad-supported widgets. See above.

What payment are accepted?

Currently we use paypal subscription service which is easy and simple to setup.

Do I have to sign a long contract?

No. Mibbit is a software service. There is no long-term contract to commit to, you simply pay per month. If you decide to cancel you'll be billed only for the current month

Is my data secure?

Your widget is personal to your domain and can only be used on your site as a premium widget. You control who connects to the service. Our services are protected by enterprise-class firewalls and DDOS protection.