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The embedded widget is in alpha...


The basic URL is http://embed.mibbit.com/e/ Please make sure you use embed.mibbit.com and NOT www.mibbit.com.

The default prefs are

  • chatOutputShowTimes = false
  • showJoinsParts = false
  • showAwaysBacks = false
  • chatOutputNickWidth = 90
  • userListWidth = 130
  • focusNewJoins = false

You can override all of these in the URL, using params. You can also override autoAway. eg &autoAway=0 to disable

Then, just specify channel and optionally nick.

  • If you do not provide a channel, it will go to #chat
  • If you do not provide a nick, a random one will be chosen
  • If there is a nick collision, the user will be prompted to choose a new one (IE7 may have issues with prompt)