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Information that needs to be given to the Mibbit staff (we prefer that you send this information via pastebin, if possible, or email to ircstaff@mibbit.com):

  • Network name - will be shown in the server tab, so keep it short but meaningful. For irc.example.net, this could be "ExampleNet"
  • A list of all DNS entries that point to your network - example: irc.example.net, irc.blah.net, blah.com, oldname.com, etc. In the case that not all servers in your network are set up with WebIRC, a list of the servers with WebIRC enabled
  • Preferred connect server or round robin and the port number (if not 6667) - example: irc.example.net:1234 (will be used by the main client)
  • Server admin's Email address - at least one valid email address is required
  • Server admin's nickname on server - all server admins that will have authority to request WebIRC entry changes
  • WebIRC password - REMEMBER THIS PASSWORD! You will need it if you wish to make changes to your WebIRC entry later
  • Public (yes/no) - Requires a minimum of 50 active users on the average. Services, bots and administrators do not count as active users. Your server will be listed in the main client's Home > IRC: dropdown list. If there are reports that the Mibbit client cannot connect after the entry is set up, the "public" entry may be removed
  • IRCd version
  • General description of the network - examples: "Gaming", "Support", "Politics", etc. You may also include a more verbose description, if desired